Publication Workshop 5

List of papers presented during the 5th RRPG Conference

Managing Rural Change in A Turbulent World: Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Rural Society

26-28th September 2014 INFRA Bangi, Malaysia


Keynote speakers:

  1. Ministry of Rural and Regional Development. 2014. Overview of Rural Development in Malaysia: Towards Sustainbale and Resilience Rural Society. (MRRD, Malaysia)
  2. Rustiadi, Ernan. 2014. Rural Development in Indonesia. (IPB, Indonesia).
  3. Alladin, Aman Shah. 2014. Land Development: The FELDA Model. (FELDA, Malaysia)


  1. Liman, Aminu and Ibrahim Ngah. 2014.  Environmental change, resource in-security and conflicts management in Northern Yobe state, Nigeria. (Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Nigeria / UTM, Malaysia)
  2. Barus, B., K. Munibah, Dyah R. Panuju, LS Iman,  D. Shiddiq, R. Kusumo. 2014. Spatial Model for Paddy Land Protection in Indonesia: A Case Study in Three Districts in West Java Province (IPB, Indonesia)
  3. Ahmad, Mohd Zulkhairi. 2014. Poverty and Public Policy in Malaysia. (Malaysia)
  4. Rohayah, Syarifah. 2014.  Rural poverty: policy, perspective and the role of government towards a sustainable society. (USM, Malaysia)
  5. Sadyohutomo, Mulyono. 2014.  The problems of protecting the rice field not to change to non-agricultural uses in Indonesia. (University of PGRI Adibuana, Indonesia)
  6. Pudianti, A., J. A. Syahbana and A. Suprapti. 2014. Physical Transformation of Residential into Commercial Residential in Rural Tourism of Pentingsari, Sleman Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (Undip, Indonesia)
  7. Surani, Hasanati. 2014.   Determinant factors that influence farmer to convert the farmland in Sardonoharjo Village, Sleman Regency, Indonesia. (UGM, Indonesia)
  8. Wijaya, Holi Bina. 2014.  Collaborative advantage of rural production clusters in Central Java, Indonesia (UNDIP, Indonesia)
  9. Goel, M. M. and Virander Pal Goyal. 2014. Microfinance for sustainable rural development in India. A case study of Haryana. (Kurukshetra University/R.K.S.D.College, India)
  10. Mat Yasin, Suziana and Ibrahim Ngah. 2014. Patterns and characteristics of international migrant mobility in rural Johor and its impact to the rural economy. (UTM, Malaysia)
  11. Ahmad, Yusof, Eusoff Yendoafgani and Hamid Saad. 2014. Agropolitan Development Programs in Malaysia at the Crossroads (UTM, Malaysia)
  12. Rosmaladewi, Okke and Rubi Robana. 2014. Joint Program of University, Government, and Corporate  for Community Empowerment through Small Scale Business on Raising Goat and Organic Agriculture in Padaasih and Pasirkiamis Villages in Garut County. (UNINUS, Indonesia).
  13. Hasan, Hurriah Ali and Rozeyta Omar. 2014. Micro Credit in Empowering Rural Women in South Sulawesi. (UTM, Malaysia)
  14. Febri, Hirnawan, Dicky Muslim, Saraswati, Irvan Sophian, and Sri Widayati. 2014. Valuation of Land Potential for the Support of Improving Rural Infrastructure Planning and Reducing Poverty in Developing Country. (UNPAD/UNISBA, Indonesia)
  15. Rudiarto, Iwan, Aulisa Rahmi and Umrotul Farida. 2014. Socio economic characteristics and spatial methodologies: A better understanding of socio economic assessment in rural area. (UNDIP, Indonesia)
  16. Ali, Kausar, Hassim Mat and Abdul Ghapar Othman. 2014. Response to Changes: A tale of two rural towns. (USM, Malaysia)
  17. Arinto, Eddy. 2014. Collective unconsciousness and the shaping of the Java rural communities architecture. (UNIKA Parahyangan/UKI, Indonesia)
  18. Kamarudin, Khairul Hisyam, Ibrahim Ngah, Khamarrul Azahari Razak, Mohd Safuan Ibrahim and Anwar Harun. 2014. Building a resilient community: lessons from two Orang Asli communities in Royal Belum-Temenggor Forest Complex, Perak. (UTM, Malaysia)
  19. Untari, Rustina. 2014. Tenun Sumba as cultural industry in rural areas. (Unika Soegijapranata, Indonesia)
  20. Surya, V. Reni Vita. 2014. Adaptive homestay as a form of community participation to preserve Pentingsari tourist village, Yogyakarta. (Atmajaya University, Indonesia)
  21. Harun, Uton Rustan. 2014. Preserving local wisdom in rural settlement planning: the case of Jatiluwih village, Bali. (UNISBA, Indonesia)
  22. Razak, Khamarrul Azahari et al. 2014.      Towards disaster resilient community in rural Malaysia: status and challenges. (UTM/ Geoscience dept./ UKM, Malaysia)
  23. Razak, Khamarrul Azahari, Khairul Hisyam Kamarudin, Habibah Norehan Haron, Rozaimi Che Hasan, Nurul Hawani Idris. 2014. Sustainable Geo-tourism in the lost world of Belum: a technological perspective. (UTM, Malaysia)
  24. Talib, Azlizan and Hamzah Jusoh. 2014. Community Involvement in Development of Rural Community. (UUM/UKM, Malaysia)
  25. Nor, Norizan Md. 2014. A Sustainable Strategy for Gauging Rural Vulnerability and Promoting Sustainable Rural and Urban Lifestyles (USM, Malaysia)
  26. Indraprahasta, Galuh Syahbana and Purnama Alamsyah. 2014.   Can household-biogas support rural development? Insight from the study in Cibodas village. (LIPI, Indonesia).
  27. Banu, S. Hasan. 2014. Impact of lifelong learning (mobile voice mail) on agriculture, Tamilnadu, India: a case study. (Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College, India)
  28. Handayani, Wiwandari, Nur Ratna Mukti and Herlina Nia. 2014.  Sustainability of selected agricultural and industrial clusters in Central Java. (UNDIP, Indonesia)
  29. Ghazali, Suriati and Narimah Samat. 2014. Pattern of use and reliance on 1Malaysia shop, menu and clinic among rural population of Kelantan. (USM, Malaysia)
  30. Mohd, Saidatulakmal. 2014. Characteristics of rural-urban elderly living in poverty Malaysia. (USM, Malaysia).
  31. Imang, Ubong and Paul Porodong. 2014. The impact of rural resettlement on livelihoods: A case of Gana Resettlement Integrated Development Scheme (GRID), Kota Marudu, Sabah. (UMS, Malaysia)
  32. Chatterjee, Shankar and V. V. Rao. 2014. Management of finances by SHGs: Case of community participation in India. (National Institute of Rural Development, India)
  33. Hossain, Shahid Akhtar, Hossein Shahbaz and Shafiqur Rahman. 2014. Rural inhabitant’s knowledge and experiences on salinity in mangrove forest of Bangladesh. (Dhaka University/Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific, Bangladesh)
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