Publication Workshop 4

List of papers presented during the 4rd RRPG meeting and workshop

“Rural Transformation and Institutional Development”

19-20th September 2013, ITB, Indonesia

Keynote speakers:

  1. Ngah, Ibrahim. 2013. Socio-Economic Transformation of Rice Cultivation Area in Malaysia: A Case of Two Villages in Sabak Bernam. (UTM, Malaysia)
  2. Rustiadi, Ernan, Ahmadriswan Nasution, Setyardi. 2013. Rural Development in IndonesiaSearching for A New Rural Paradigm. (IPB, Indonesia).
  3. Prabatmodjo, Hastu. 2013. Key Issues of Rural Transformation in Asia. (ITB, Indonesia)


  1. IGUSA, Kunio. 2013. Conditions and Challenges in the One Village One Product Movement in Cambodia (MJIIT-UTM and Risumeikan APU, Japan)
  2. Ismalina, Poppy. 2013. How Does Creativity Occur in Rural Industrial Clusters? A Case Study of Two Craft Rural Industries in Yogyakarta – Indonesia (UGM, Indonesia)
  3. Gapor, Salfarina Abdul, Abd Malik Abd Aziz, Tarmiji Masron, Azizul Ahmad. 2013. Spatial Trends of Food Insecurity in The Rural Areas: Case Study Of Mukim Pendang, Kedah, Malaysia(USM, Malaysia)
  4. Yogi., Sudrajati Ratnaningtyas. 2013. Analysis of HDI in Agricultural Sector with Athur-Lewis Development Theory in Indonesia (ITB, Indonesia)
  5. Widiawati, Kristiana and Imam Buchori. 2013. Agropolitan Development: An Assessment of the Candigaron Agropolitan Area in Kabupaten Semarang. (UNDIP, Indonesia)
  6. Kamarudin, Khairul Hisyam. 2013. Local Institutional Development and Transformation through Community Based Rural Tourism: A Conceptual Paper (UTM, Malaysia)
  7. Vidayani, Fitria Ayu and Delik Hudalah. 2013. Institution, social capital and rural-urban cooperation in Greater Yogyakarta. (ITB, Indonesia)
  8. Handayani, Wiwandari, Artiningsih, Holi Bina Wijaya. 2013. Learning from Local Economic Development Practice in Central Java: a Perspective based on Monitoring and Evaluation Result 2011-2012. (UNDIP, Semarang)
  9. Rasidi, Mohd. Hisyam, Abdul Rahim Ramli. 2013. Transformation of FELDA Settlement Towards Sustainable Community. (UTM, Malaysia)
  10. Fatimah, Sri. 2013. ICT for Rural Development: Cyber Extension Program in Sumedang Regency, West Java, Indonesia. (UNPAD, Indonesia)
  11. Rudiarto, Iwan. 2013. Sustainable Agriculture Land:Managing more Effective Land Use for A Better Livelihood. (UNDIP, Semarang)
  12. Dawood, Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh. 2013. Halal SMEs in the Northern Region of Malaysia: The role of Institutional Thickness and Social Networks. (USM, Malaysia).
  13. Prabatmodjo, Hastu and Ratih Rantini. 2013.Hold It or Let It Go: Farmers’ Situation Concerning Agricultural Land Conversion in Rural-urban Bandung. (ITB, Bandung)
  14. Ghazali, Suriati. 2013. Everyday Strategies Of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia’s Female Members In Rural Areas. (USM, Malaysia)
  15. Lonik, Ku Azam Tuan. 2013. Revitalising The Rural Economy: Some Experience From Malaysia In Community Development And Empowerment Through Community Based Tourism Entrepreneurships. (USM, Malaysia)
  16. Atang, Colonius, and Smita Krishnan. 2013. Roots of Poverty and Coping Strategy Among Women In Rural Kedah. (USM, Malaysia).
  17. Omar, Mohamed Zaini, Ku Azam Tuan Lonik. 2013. Developing The Rural Economy Via Microcredit: The Case Of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia. (USM, Malaysia)
  18. Kadar, Siti Sutriah. 2013. Impact of Foreign Direct Investment to The Rapid Change From Rural To Urban Characteristic of The Bekasi Regency, West Java. (ITB, Indonesia)
  19. Wijaya, Holi Bina, Joesron Alie Syahbana, and Iwan Rudiarto. 2013. Rural Economic Institution Strengthening: Organic Rice Farming In Central Java, Indonesia. (UNDIP, Indonesia).
  20. Rahman, Ar. Haris Fadzilah Abdul and Salfarina Abdul Gapor. 2013. Bamboo As Sustainable Solutions For Rural Livelihood And Mitigation Strategies. (USM, Malaysia)
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