Publication Workshop 2

List of papers presented during the 2nd RRPG Meeting and Workshop 2011

Rural, Local Economic, and SME Cluster Development”

19-20th September 2011, UNDIP Semarang, Indonesia

  1. Preston, D. (2011). Helping cluster development benefit local and regional societies and economies. (Oxford University, UK).
  2. Igusa, K. (2011). The OVOP movement and technopolis in Oita: a model of balanced regional development policy. (Ritsumeikan APU, Japan).
  3. Ngah, I. (2011). Challenges in rural economic transformation in Malaysia(UTM).
  4. Syahbana, J. A. (2011). The other side of local supporting economic of rural areas in Java. (UNDIP).
  5. Phelps, N. A. (2011). Recalibrating cluster theory for developing country: examples from Indonesia. (UCL, UK).
  6. Sugihantono, A. (2011). Local economic and cluster development in Central Java province, Indonesia (FPESD, Indonesia).
  7. Wijaya, H. B. (2011). Local economic development in Central Java province: current process (UNDIP).
  8. Suryono, A. (2011). Local innovative system (SIDA) for SME cluster development. (RDBC, Indonesia).
  9. Rahmawati, N., Berkemeyer, K., Solichah and Schwarz, M. (2011). Cluster development in the context of regional economic development (GIZ Regional Economic Development).
  10. Rustan, U. (2011). Salt fish and brown sugar maker, make Pangandaran Resort tourism more attractive? (Bandung Islamic University).
  11. Sheikh Dawood, S. R., Ghazali, S., Samat, N. and Atang, C. (2011). Local economy and SME cluster in Seberang Prai, Penang state, Malaysia (USM).
  12. Indarsiani, F. (2011). Integrating rural enterprises into international industry: the case of Sulawesi tropical seaweed farming (CIDA, Indonesia).
  13. Untari, R. (2011). Development of biofarmaka cluster Karanganyar Central Java (Soegjapranata Catholic University, Indonesia).
  14. Rudiarto, I. (2011). Simulating farm income in rural mountain area: a spatial perspective (UNDIP).
  15. Utami, S. (2011). Bridging social capital: is it a choice or necessity? a case study of Rebana cluster, Central Java (Semarang State University, Indonesia).
  16. Ismalina, P. (2011). The interplay between socioeconomic structures and actors in industrial clusters: the case of the Kotagede Silver Handcraft Cluster in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia).
  17. Handayani, W. and Wijaya, H. B. (2011). Rural, local economic and SME cluster development: the current emerging issue, challenges and future research agenda. (UNDIP).
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