Publication Workshop 1

List of papers presented during the 1st RRPG Meeting and Workshop

“One Village One Product, OVOP”

4-5th October 2010, UTM, Malaysia

  1. Igusa, Kunio. 2010. OVOP Movement In Oita And Local Industrial Development In Asia  The Issues And Problems Of OVOP Model In Asia (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan).
  2. Hamzah, Amran. 2010. Scaling Up One Village One Product (SDSI) along Proposed Tourism Corridor (Centre for Innovative Planning and Development UTM, Malaysia).
  3. Wijaya, Holi Bina, Imam Buchori. 2010. Traditional Cluster Development in Indonesia.(Diponegoro University, Indonesia).
  4. Dawood, Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh. 2010. One Village One Product? Issues And Challenges in Homestay Programme in Penang, Malaysia  (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia).
  5. Md Faizal Islam. 2010. Local content in SMEs: A Process of Micro Level Clustering  (PADMA, Bangladesh).
  6. Syahbana, Joesron Alie. 2010. Difficulties of OVOP Development due to Resource Mobile. (Diponegoro University, Malaysia)
  7. Kurokawa, Kiyoto. 2010. Experiences of OVOP Implementation in Africa and Thailand: Innovative Approach to The Local Economic Revitalization in The World. (Yokohama National Universtiy, Japan)
  8. Ngah, Ibrahim,  and Rozeyta Omar. 2010. One Village One Product: Case Study in Malaysia.(UTM, Malaysia).
  9. Samion, Joharudin . 2010. Briefing on Development in Pontian District. (Pejabat Daerah Pontian, Johor, Malaysia)
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